We’ve seen mobile pools and roving art galleries on the streets of New York and now it looks like we can add moving dance parties to the list too! Crazy performance art group CHERYL wants to bring their traveling dance shindigs to the sidewalks of the city but first they need your help funding their Kickstarter campaign. And don’t forget to watch their amusing video above. If it doesn’t jumpstart your weekend, we don’t think anything will.

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Picture your perfect summer – tasty eats from an array of healthy and local lunch trucks, organic lemonade in hand, and a mobile party parked at your corner, right? CHERYL is made up of four artists, who curate each of their dance parties around a theme and then encourage their attendees to create costumes to wear while dancing the night away. Members of CHERYL then perform dance numbers, often juxtaposed with video installations and projections.

The group has gone beyond just throwing a good party, and instead engages participants in a night-long performance art piece. CHERYL has been recognized by the fine art world and has performed at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, The Museum of Arts and Design, MoMA and MoMA PS1.

The mobile dance party will jet around the boroughs, bringing artful parties to Midtown lunch hours, Home Depot parking lots, and lineups for ferry goers heading to the beach.

With their Kickstarter campaign, they hope to raise enough money to acquire a CHERYLmobile and speaker system. We hope that when their goals are met, they celebrate by investing in a biofuel run or electric vehicle!

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