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It was almost a year ago to date when the Department of Transportation set its eye on an unused triangular plot of land in Chinatown and envisioned the city’s next High Line Park. Though much smaller, the raised area at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge was poised to become a new public plaza complete with plants, seating, and art installations. Plans are finally coming to life as new details have emerged for the Chinatown mini High Line, including an amazing artistic design by McArthur Fellow artist Xu Bing.

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The mini High Line’s new plans include bamboo and weeping cherry trees, stone benches and seats, and and incredible stairway engraved with an ancient Chinese poem. Xu Bing is known primarily for his square word calligraphy, where he paints english words in a manner that resembles Chinese characters. The steps will contain the lines: “By a bamboo temple I talk with a monk midway: Half a day, in my floating life, is thus whiled away.”

The inscription not only reflects the peace and tranquility the park will bring to busy city-goers, but also the merging of cultures and languages for which Manhattan is so well known. Other lines of the poem will be found on the benches and seats throughout the park in both English and Chinese, allowing visitors to discover more words of wisdom as they relax.

The park is scheduled to open summer of 2014, and we will be sure to stay updated as the plans progress!

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