New York’s Citi Bike share system is great for eco-minded urbanites, but the program has already experienced several glitches along the way. After angering a host of people for uprooting public racks for regular bikes, the system is in hot water again for accidentally sharing the personal and financial information of more than 1,000 customers!

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One Citi Bike customer was not amused by a letter that the company sent out to some of its 1,000+ annual members. Michael Schonfeld sent his copy to Mashable. Kudos for its full disclosure, but Citi Bike is still facing ire for exposing the birth dates, credit card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes of about 1,174 members for a period of “not more than 24 hours,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Site usernames, passwords, security questions and answers, and birth date information are among the other details that were available for an unspecified amount of time according to Mashable. Citi Bike claims that there is no indication that anyone accessed the data, but the company also said they solved the “error log” that made the information available as soon as they became aware of the issue.

Via Mashable