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According to reports, the new bikes will still be Citi Bike’s signature blue color, but will be slimmer than the original style. The new bikes will also come with an updated gear system resulting in a smoother ride, as well as a European-style kick stand, which is more stable than the previous version. Additionally, the seat will now have hole in the middle to drain rainwater while docked.

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Serrota, whose bikes have been used in the Olympics, as well as National, European and World Championship titles, explains that the seats will also offer more cushioning, resulting in happier tushies for all. “You’re being supported in areas you need to be supported,” said the designer.

At the hands of new CEO Jay Walder, it looks like Citi Bike is finally working out most of the kinks in the beleagured system. As well as a new design, the company has revamped its docking stations and updated its software to be more user-friendly. Walder explained that the new revamp, although a long time coming, is just what the city needed. “What you’re finally seeing is the Citi Bike that fits New York,” Walder told the News. “It’s big, it’s bold, it’s in more and more parts of New York City, and it’s been brought up to the quality and the standards that people expect of Citi Bike.”

The new and improved Citi Bike bikes will be hitting the streets of New York next week and another 1,400 bikes will be added to the system later this year as the program expands further into Brooklyn and into Queens.

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