We may still be in the midst of winter, but the FIGMENT festival already has its sights set on this summer’s City of Dreams Pavilion on Governors Island. Chosen by a panel of judges, this year’s winner is CDR Studio’s undulating “Governor’s Cup.” Made from discarded plastic cups collected around the city, the sculpture will form a massive canopy for visitors to lounge under in the shade.

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Each year, FIGMENT brings a festival of art to Governors Island, including an ever-changing City of Dreams Pavilion. No matter what the theme, the pavilion always meshes sculpture with an interactive space made from recycled and recyclable materials. For Governor’s Cup, CDR Studio was inspired by tape-lace crocheted, and used its delicate patterns as a basis for the piece.

To create the pavilion, the team collected thousands of discarded plastic cups from all around the New York City area, and will upcycle them into a truly dazzling creation. The Governor’s Cup will rise from a grassy field, and branch out to create an outdoor room. As the wind blows, the cups will gently move together to create a soothing sound that will echo across the island. The cups will also have a slightly iridescent effect as the sun catches their different surfaces, making the piece glitter from afar.

Woven to touch the neighboring tree boughs and branches, the arms of the Governor’s Cup canopy will be held in place by strapping and turn-buckled cabling, ensuring a secure hold while protecting the trees.  CDR Studio and FIGMENT will begin building the recycled pavilion this spring, to be enjoyed this summer season.

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