As Williamsburg expands into the once strictly Hasidic south side, the city has reacted by planning a pedestrian plaza on the stretch of Broadway near the Williamsburg Bridge. Just east of Bedford Avenue, the plaza would create a triangular park with chairs, benches and potted plants much like the ones that have popped up in Times Square or 23rd Street. But locals aren’t too keen on the promised new green space, claiming that the already tied up traffic will get even more congested if part of the road is used for the plaza.

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The new space would be called George B. Post plaza, named after the architect who designed the adjacent historic Williamsburgh Savings Bank that will soon be a hotel. The hotel is another concern for locals, who claim it will no doubt bring even more traffic to the area. The triangle space will also take over seven parking spaces, which are not easy to come by.

Green pedestrian plazas have been reclaiming street space all over Brooklyn thanks to concerted efforts by the city. Some have been met with gratitude, while others, such as Fowler Square in Fort Greene, have faced criticism from local car owners. Many in the area of Broadway in Williamsburg feel the same.

Others feel that the new plaza would not only bring green space, but make traffic more pedestrian and bicyclist friendly, attracting more business and foot traffic. The city will submit the plaza proposal to the community board next month, when they will decide if the plan will move forward.

Via Brooklyn Paper

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Lead image: Our guess as to what it could look like