The streets of the tourist-heavy tip of Lower Manhattan become crowded and unnavigable during the summer months (as we’re sure you know all too well if you work in the area), so the Department of Transportation has come up with a proposal that it hopes will ease up some of that pedestrian congestion. The DOT’s plan calls for widening the sidewalks around the Bowling Green area, and could make for a more friendly commute for visitors and New Yorkers alike. We think the idea makes perfect sense and fits in well with the city’s other initiatives to make itself into even more of a pedestrian-friendly town.

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The DOT proposes to extend the sidewalks between Broadway and Pearl Street along both sides of Whitehall. With 390 pedestrians passing per hour, the expansion would make a tremendous difference for foot traffic.

The DOT is not proposing pouring new concrete, but instead has come up with an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective plan. Using paint and flexible barriers, the redistribution of pedestrian sanctioned areas could be transformed in just under two weeks. Considering the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, which draws many more tourists to Manhattan for the weekend, this plan sounds like perfect timing. The plaza around the extremely popular bronze “Charging Bull” by Arturo Di Modica may also be extended to Morris Street to accommodate the tourists who want to take pictures with the bull’s backside.

Thus far, the proposal was approved by Community Board 1’s Financial District Committee, and should hopefully become a reality in the coming weeks for Lower Manhattan.

Via Streets Blog

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