The city will be buzzing September 8 – 14 as New York City honey week kicks off! Touted as the “Celebration of the busy bees who pollinate the city that never sleeps,” the event is a citywide celebration of the insects that keep the world humming. To celebrate, there will be honey tastings, cooking classes, tours and a daylong Honey Fest  with contests and a parade at Rockaway Beach.

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The festivities kick off with the Queen Bee Cocktail Classic with a competition for tastiest honey-infused drinks (and samples for the guests!) followed by cheese and honey tasting or an Intro to Beekeeping class with beekeeper Dan Carr. Zagat will also be presenting several honey-centric menus from Brooklyn Grange and The Cleveland.

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To cap the week off, on Saturday the 13th, the fourth annual Honey Fest opens its doors all day for a bonanza of food, drinks, the beach and, of course, bees. There will be contests, vendors, crafts and even a Be-a-Bee parade. Come celebrate the busiest workers in all of New York.

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