The National 911 Memorial and Museum in Lower Manhattan has already received a lot of criticism for its hefty $25 entrance fee and gift shop, and now another gallery showcasing September 11 relics is causing even more controversy. Located in a Meatpacking District loft, photographer Gary Suson’s “Ground Zero Museum Workshop” also charges a $25 admission and features Suson’s own photos of the tragedy at Ground Zero as well as t-shirts and other souvenirs. Even more offensive, Suson claims to donate part of his proceeds to charities, all of which have reported receiving a mere pittance from the self-proclaimed philanthropist.

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On top of charging for admission into his personal “9/11 showroom,” Suson has set up an online storefront charging gullible buyers $49 for a book of photos, $32 for t-shirts, and $25 for posters. Suson has also collected fragments from the 9/11 site including bits of glass and even a piece of the jet fuselage that crashed into the Twin Towers on that dreadful day.

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To top it all off, Suson claims to be the “official photographer” for the Uniformed Firefighters Association, but meanwhile, the organization has denied any relation to him. Suson also advertises that “a portion” of the museum’s proceeds go to charity, but the NY Post recently uncovered the photographer’s 2011 IRS tax forms, in which he only reported a 3.1-percent contribution of his revenue to charitable grants. According to the same report, the museum garnered a total of $391,090 in revenue but only contributed $12,278 to unnamed grants.

via NY Post

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