After a fairly arduous start to their new relationship, New York is finally welcoming the yellow Nissan NV200 as the city’s official and exclusive taxi. 750 yellow vans, also known as “Taxis of Tomorrow,” took to the mean streets of the Big Apple on September 1st after claiming victory in a court battle with the city’s taxi association.

Nissan Taxi of Tomorrow

Once the city’s $1 billion deal with the giant Japanese car company was made public, the monopolistic nature of the agreement immediately faced fierce criticism. Unsurprisingly, the biggest opponent of the mega deal was the New York Taxi Association, which represents nearly a third of the city’s taxi owners. This main issue of the dispute was the exclusive nature of the agreement, which makes it impossible for other car manufacturers to provide cars to the taxi association. Another point of contention was the Nissan’s lack of a hybrid powertrain, which makes the vehicle more expensive to operate.

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Currently, there are only 750 NV200s servicing NYC out of 13,000 yellow cabs, so the change might not even be noticeable in the bustling city, which is quite used to seeing all kinds of cab models such as Toyotas, Fords, Hyundais and even an occasional Mercedes-Benz driving all together in harmony.

Additionally, quite a few people have expressed surprise that, although the Nissan van is fuel-efficient, its not a full electric or hybrid model. However, it does offer modern amenities such as a panoramic sunroof and charging stations.

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