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Since they are a firm that is no stranger to LEED caliber projects for their other clients, it is no surprise that Cook + Fox’s home turf boasts the same sensibilities. Features like an upgraded HVAC system, operable windows, low-VOC materials and ample natural light create an open and airy environment in which to work and focus. Low flow fixtures, natural ventilation and sustainable materials also contribute to the earth-consciousness of the office headquarters.

The crowning glory of the project is the installed 3,600 square foot green roof, which is a collaboration with the Gaia Institute. Implemented by volunteers from the Cook + Fox staff, the sprawling garden creates a respite for company workers to enjoy fresh air and superior views during their lunch breaks. The roof garden is clad in low maintenance plants which absorb storm water run off, and help insulate the interior, reducing the need for additional climate control inside. The Gaia Institute used the roof as a testing ground for optimal plants and soil aggregates.

The firm also wishes to inspire those around them, offering tours of their healthy interior paradise to architecturally interested groups, hoping to be the catalyst for other companies to make the necessary changes in the direction of sustainability.

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