Although spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, the sweaty days of summer are just around the corner. And with our perspiration comes wallet-busting energy bills from running our air conditioners day and night to keep cool. Luckily ConEd and ThinkEco are ahead of the game with a solution to help New Yorkers to more easily monitor their energy usage. Called CoolNYC, the program will allow users to control their air conditioners via smart phone to save energy even when they aren’t at home. Best of all, CoolNYC’s components are free – read on to see how you can score your own set.

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CoolNYC will let New Yorkers have better control of their household energy use by plugging their air conditioning units into a provided smart outlet called a modlet. The modlet is then connected to each user’s smart phone or browser, giving them the power to control their air conditioners while away from home. The program operates in real time, giving people the option to turn a unit on or off right at their fingertips.

CoolNYC’s software can also be used to set a time schedule for air conditioning units, allowing users to fire up cool air when they are on their way home from work, or to shut power off at night. The other way the software lets users control their air conditioners is by programming a target temperature and making the unit shut off when the temperature is reached – which is ideal for city pet owners.

Aside from letting users control their air conditioners remotely, the program also gives insight on energy usage and consumption, nudging people to cut down on air conditioning usage if costs are getting out of hand.

New Yorkers can sign up on CoolNYC’s waiting list for a free modlet and smartAC thermostat (yes, free!) by clicking the link below.

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Image ©Jan Tik