The mall-ification of NYC has been pretty difficult to ignore, and it seems like every week another one of the small shops that makes our city so unique gets replaced with a shiny new outpost of some national corporation. A similar fate has been looming over Bleecker Bob’s Golden Oldies, one of the West Village’s most beloved record stores. With rent jacked up to prices that are impossible to pay, the hallowed hall of vinyl recently revealed on their  Facebook page that another tenant, Forever Yogurt, would be moving in when their lease was up. But the story doesn’t end there – as another, rather ingenious, solution could be in the works.

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If it follows the path of other mom and pop shops that have worked around their rent issues, Bleecker Bob’s might not actually disappear from its spot at 118 W. 3rd where it’s been holding court since 1968. The record shop and the fro-yo megachain set to replace it are apparently in talks to join forces, with the possibility of setting up a record counter right inside the yogurt shop.

It’s true that old vinyl and frozen desserts make strange (and unappetizing) bedfellows, but odd couplings like this could be part of a growing trend that might allow some of the city’s local flavor and small businesses carry on amidst the great wave of vanilla blandness that threatens to sap the life out of the city. And they wouldn’t be the first—after all, other odd combos like Flushing’s tea shop/shoe store and Midtown’s candy/video shop are making the trick work like a charm. Could bedding down with totally unrelated businesses be the salvation of small business in the city? Stay tuned.

+ Bleecker Bob’s Golden Oldies

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Photo courtesy Facebook/Bleecker Bob’s and Flickr/edenpictures