Blame it on the rain? According to Bushwick police, rainy weather may oddly be connected to the recent increase in local crime in the area. Local reports show the number of burglaries in Brooklyn’s 83rd precinct increased by a whopping 24 percent this year, with many of the thefts taking place on rainy days.


While some may be quick to cite simple coincidence as the connection between the weather and the deluge of theft, the 83rd precinct’s own commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Maximo Tolentino, hinted at a more humanistic reasoning, “It’s my opinion that when the weather is poor, these people that commit burglaries have the perception that police officers are not going to get out of their cars and check the roofs,” he said. “[But] we also do it during inclement weather.”

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Although the uptick in Bushwick burglaries may be on the rise lately, they’re still relatively low for the area. According to DNAinfo, 18 people were arrested last month for burglaries, compared to eight in the same time period last year. And although it might be more interesting to place the blame on the rain, or comfy, dry police cars, Tolentino disclosed that about 20 percent of the burglary incidents in the area had more to do with people not locking their doors or windows.

Via DNAinfo

Images © Marianne O’Leary and Pamela Andrade