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CounterEvolution was founded just a few years ago by Jim Malone, the former director for the Pokemon TV show. Coming across a gorgeous piece of reclaimed bowling lane wood, he created a countertop in his apartment, then was inspired to make a life change and work with the salvaged materials full time. The unique Heart Pine wood grain and stripping can be found in all of CounterEvolution’s high quality pieces. Arrow decals are left on, creating a pattern in their formation, while also delighting fans of the sport. Each piece is made in Brooklyn by hand and hand finished in a variety of shades.

Many of CounterEvolution’s commercial clients choose their sustainable furniture as a way to show their commitment to being green. Each piece of furniture is stamped, letting the world know that is was not only made in Brooklyn, but also from reclaimed bowling lane wood. Pieces can be found in Starbucks, Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack, the Empire State Building and other local businesses.

Every first Thursday of the month, DUMBO’s galleries open their doors for the DUMBO Arts Walk, as does the CounterEvolution showroom. Stop by and enjoy a beverage while perusing the furniture where strikes were once made.

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