Back in May, the United Nations suggested that people introduce insects into their daily diets as a viable source of protein – and one Upper East Side restaurant is doing just that with a new grasshopper-filled guacamole. Foodies can sample the special grasshopper dip at the Maya Modern Mexican Kitchen and Tequileria located on 91st Street and First Avenue in Manhattan as part of a month-long guacamole festival.

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Image ©IndradiSoemardjan

Whole, protein-packed grasshoppers will be added to the specialty guac along with tomatillo, cotija cheese, onion, chile cascabel, cilantro, lime and sea salt. The bugs, also called chapulines, aren’t mushed up with the other ingredients, but instead kept whole, so the diner experiences the crunch of the hard, fried exoskeleton with every bite.

Many cultures around the world already partake in eating bugs, from caterpillars in southern Africa to weaver ant eggs in Southeast Asia. Mexico has been including insects, including grasshoppers, in their diets for centuries. So the chefs at Maya Modern Mexican Kitchen thought it only natural to add the crispy creatures to their special menu for Guac Fest.

The grasshopper topped guacamole will be known as “Sur,” while other non-buggy varieties, like the Baja which meshes kiwi, strawberry, mango and mint with the traditional avocado, will also be served. Make sure to call ahead before you go to check that the special grasshopper guac will be on the day’s menu: 212.585.1818.

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