It seems that some lingering strings of resentment have been unraveled in hipster-saturated Bushwick thanks to one street artist’s yarn mural. As reported by Gothamist, Brooklyn artist London Kaye was recently photographed installing her 15-foot crochet mural, Moonshine Kingdom, on the wall of the Bushwick Flea. However, Bushwick native Will Giron, whose family owns the building, was none too happy about the unauthorized artwork, and took to everyone’s favorite virtual wrestling mat, Facebook, to vent his frustrations.

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Although it appears that Kaye had permission from the flea market’s owner, Mr. Abner, to install her artwork on the building’s wall, Giron says that he and his family members were not notified of the artist’s plan. Upon finding Ms. Kaye on her ladder, yarn in hand, he took a photo of the well-known artist posted it on his wall with the following message:

“Gentrification has gotten to the point where every time I see a group of young white millennials in the hood my heart starts racing and a sense of anxiety starts falling over me.”

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“One day Mr. Abner decides that he is going to allow some hipster transplant named London Kaye to paint on our wall without asking permission because—as she said in an interview with the Bushwick Daily… she wanted to ‘claim the wall for herself’ in order to ‘express herself.'”

Well, Mr. Giron’s post seemed to hit the gentification nerve quite quickly, with over 1,118 shares kicking off a fiery debate on the state of the Brooklyn community these days.

As for the artist, Kaye told the Gothamist that the agitated reaction to her piece caught her a bit off guard. “I guess I was just mostly surprised,” she said. “Especially because it’s all made of yarn, and I use yarn as my medium because it’s such a nondestructive piece of the environment, unlike spray paint or regular paint.”

“It’s just three [kids] standing together, and finding love in unexpected ways,” she added. “The last thing I was thinking about was making somebody upset with my art. The whole thing I wanted to do was make people happy.”

Alas, the Great Brooklyn Yarn Art Battle 0f 2015 is not over yet. Mr. Giron has informed his tenant that the art work must go soon as the building is scheduled for renovations in October.

Who would have thought that a little bit of yarn art could unravel into Brooklyn’s hottest debate?

+ London Kaye

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Images via London Kaye, Will Giron and Bushwick Flea