When New Yorker Jeffrey Tanenhaus set out on his trusty Citi Bike for a cross-country bike adventure, his mission was to “inspire you to make some changes in your own life to gain a little more happiness or see the city in a new way.” Unfortunately, as he set out to cross Tulsa, Oklahoma, he got punched in the face for his efforts.

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According to Tanenhaus’ blog, Countribike, which chronicles his cross country bike travels, he was attacked by an irate passerby as he was almost 2,000 miles into his biking adventure. After getting a flat tire in Tusla, Tanenhaus was standing on the side of the road with his bike when 37-year-old Franklin Burton pulled over in his pickup and began to scream at him,

“Get the f*#@ off the road, you f*#@in’ bikers think you own the road, I f*#@in’ hate you bikers!”

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Tanenhaus said that Burton drove away after the confrontation only to return a few minutes later. This time, Burton got of his car and punched Tanenhaus in the face, and then pushed his Citi Bike to the ground. After the attack, a nice couple stopped to help the biker and took him to the hospital where he got stitches in his lip. Tanenhaus filed a police report shortly afterwards.

After attacking Tanenhaus, Burton was apparently hungry for more blood and continued on his raging path, attacking a few other people in the same area. He was apprehended by police and taken to jail.

Although the attack was surely unsettling for the self-described “ordinary New Yorker with an extraordinary passion for traveling, writing and Citi Biking”, Tanenhaus said that he will remember his time in Tulsa fondly,

“I don’t pin this on Oklahoma,” he said. “All of my other interactions have been very positive.”

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