If you feel like this curious bookshelf looks like it’s growing right out of tree trunks, you’re not far off from the truth. Cazenovia, New York-based artist David Harper created the installation, which he calls “STACKS”, by recycling fallen logs. Built on the theme, “these trees shall be my books”, Harper borrowed from William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” as he pays homage to the living things that enable us to seek and distribute knowledge.

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The shelf’s left side is a collection of rotted dry wood laying on the ground. As you progress to the right of the shelf, the log develops a sturdy facade symbolizing how the brain develops as it acquires knowledge. The installation also serves as an awareness of the human connection to natural resources and how they are used.

The installation bears a resemblance to a 2008 collection of public bookcases made from fallen tree trunks in Berlin which lived on sidewalks for easy pedestrian access. The “Book Forrest” project made books available to the public through a program called Bookcrossing and was recognized by the UN as part of the 2008/2009 Education for Sustainable Development project.

Harper explained to My Modern Met that one of the main purposes for the project was to raise awareness about the growing worldwide disregard for our interdependence with the planet’s environment, [which] heightened his  profound concern for her health.

Via Design Taxi