Brooklyn has a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…and the adorable little fella’s name is Smokey! After being abandoned by his mother and almost freezing to death, Smokey was recently adopted by a local couple and has been spotted dining at some of NYC’s most popular eateries. Although some New Yorkers might not even look twice at a farm animal wandering the streets, Smokey just seems to have a je ne sais baaaaaa about him that has been melting the cold hearts of those who encounter him.

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Unlike Mary’s beloved little lamb, poor Smokey has led a tough life up to now. The fuzzy little creature was found almost frozen by a local farmer who kindly nursed the tiny kid back to life. Determined to find a safe home for him, the farmer called Sandy Dee Hall, chef and co-owner of Brooklyn’s Black Tree restaurant. After hearing about Smokey’s difficult situation, Hall and his girlfriend Maxine Cher offered to adopt the little guy.

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Hall explains that he didn’t take too much time before making the decision. “Sometimes the moms reject lambs, and they don’t know why,” Hall told the NY Post. “I’d been wanting to foster one for a while, and he called me up and told me he was bringing down a lamb for me.”

Since he’s very young, Smokey requires quite a bit of care. Cher and Hall split shifts to be able to give the little sheep three bottles a day and take him for walks. Although time consuming to say the least, the couple says it has been a joy to take him around the streets of Brooklyn. “A lot of people think he’s a goat,” said Cher.“Two people have even asked if he’s a kangaroo. New Yorkers aren’t familiar with animals.”

Although Cher and Hall have become quite fond of Smokey, they realize that the lamb will grow up to be around 140 pounds, making it near impossible for him to stay in the couple’s apartment. Once he is weaned from the bottle, Smokey will be returned to Violet Hill Farm but will, thankfully, be exempt from slaughter.

Via NY Post

Lead Image © Nick Ramsey