DAPL protesters, including Standing Rock indigenous leaders, Shailene Woodley and other celebrities, will be gathering today at CitiGroup‘s NYC headquarters to call on the bank to stop funding the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline project. The peaceful rally will begin at noon today at 390 Greenwich Street in Manhattan, and will be led by Chase Iron Eyes, a leader of the Standing Rock movement. The protest comes just days after an oil pipeline 150 miles west of the DAPL protest site leaked more than 176,000 gallons of oil into a tributary of the Little Missouri and Missouri rivers.

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The goal of today’s Defund DAPL rally is to demand that CitiGroup halt its loans to Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the company that is constructing the Dakota Access Pipeline. CitiGroup is one of the project’s largest financial backers.

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Standing Rock leader Chase Iron Eyes will be joined by artists, musicians, celebrities, and activists at noon today for the rally, which will include speeches and interactive performances by the “Shut it Down” Bank Choir.

If you can’t make it to the rally, you can still help. Find out if your bank is a financial backer of the Dakota Access Pipeline and take the following steps to withdraw your money from banks that finance the Dakota Pipeline project:

1. Go to your bank funding DAPL and publicly close your accounts, mortgages, vehicle loans, credit card, etc. submitting a letter to management stating your reasons.
2. Take a picture with a sign saying #DeFundDAPL outside of the bank, post the photo with a statement and these 4 steps copy and pasted, @(tag your bank).
3. Input the total amount you withdrew into the Defund DAPL withdrawal tracker.
4. Deposit your money into a credit union that does not invest in fossil fuels.

Thanks to the Defund DAPL movement, a total of $22,433,746.31 has been divested from banks backing the DAPL since November 25, 2016.

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