Outgoing NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg has been on a mission to clean up the city by banning Styrofoam cups and food trays, but now one of the world’s largest polystyrene product manufacturers has proposed an alternate solution. Dart Container says that it could spare the city from the controversial ban by collecting and buying our polystyrene waste. Dart also says it would be willing to perform the service for free, but there is, of course, a big benefit for them too.

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Currently, polystyrene is a common material used for carting around food and padding electronics. But it also harms our environment as thousands of pounds of it goes to our landfills where it can sit idle for decades due to its inability to biodegrade quickly.

Dart Container has offered to buy the waste at a rate of $160 per ton but it would also require the help of city trucks to collect the plastic foam from residents. After collecting the polystyrene, the company would then clean and truck it to a recycling plant in Indiana. According to Dart, the city spends $2 million a year putting polystyrene in landfills, and projects that their recycling plan would provide a new, $4 million revenue stream.

But Dart isn’t doing this out of the kindness of its heart. If the proposed Styrofoam ban in New York were to go thorough, the container company would lose a lot of business.

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