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David Byrne’s guitar and high-heel shaped bike racks have been a big hit around New York, and now the famed musician/artist/cyclist has designed a playful alphabet-shaped version for the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The Talking Heads singer installed his set of wordy bike racks in front of the popular venue, and they can be rearranged with endless possibilities (they currently say “pink crown”). The racks were designed to support the DOT’s bike lane expansion.

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Byrne, a famed jack of all trades, is also a cycling enthusiast, advocating cyclist’s rights in New York City over the last few years. After being invited to design another set of bike racks, the artist wanted to this time create something that was modular and changeable, meshing more of his artistic concept with the function of holding more bikes. This was how he came up with the alphabet shapes, as the curves and angles of letters would allow a large number of bikes to be locked to one rack. Installers could also have fun with the letters, switching them up to different configurations to spell different words.

Byrne also feels passionately about the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and has noticed that the racks outside are usually at capacity. In a partnership with Dero Bike Racks, the new David Byrne Bike Rack alphabet will service dozens more BAM patrons who choose green transportation to get to the venue’s innovative shows.

Via Gothamist