Therapeutic garden designer David Kamp has been asked to transform the private garden behind 1 Sutton Place South into a lively public community park. The former co-op owned land has been sought by the city for public space for a decade, with a compromise finally passed last week to make a small portion a public park. Kamp, of Dirtworks, was chosen for his innovative landscape design. The new park will connect the public parks at 53rd and 57th Streets.

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The waterfront property on the East River and 56th Street will convert 10,000 square feet into a new public park, with the remainder of the property staying private for the 1 Sutton Place Co-op. With $1 million from the city, the Sutton Place Co-op Board is also matching that budget, making a total of $2 million to redesign the space.

In regards to their private investment, the Co-op Board wanted influence over the look of the park, therefore choosing David Kamp and Dirtworks. Since the new park is literally the co-op’s backyard, they chose Kamp, as he is known for paying close attention to smell, texture and beauty when designing a park space, creating award winning gardens that delight all of the senses. He has even appeared in two documentaries which equate health and well-being to proximity and access to gardens.

With Kamp’s influence, a new, holistic waterfront park should be ready for the city of New York sometime next year, pending Community Board 6’s final approval.

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Image © Zach K via Creative Commons