This week Mayor de Blasio unveiled the Retrofit Accelerator, a free program geared towards helping NYC building owners navigate their way through various green upgrades such as improving energy efficiency and water conservation. The initiative will provide free technical assistance and advisory services to help NYC buildings collectively work towards reducing citywide greenhouse gases.

Mayor Bill de Blasio

The program is part of the mayor’s ambitious objective to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by approximately one million metric tons per year by 2025. With the assistance of the Retrofit Accelerator, NYC hopes to retrofit up to 1,000 buildings a year until 2025, taking the equivalent of 200,000 passenger vehicles off the road. Along the way, New Yorkers would save around $350 million per year and over 400 local construction-related jobs would also be created in the process.

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De Blasio explained the need to help NYC buildings go green saying, “Business as usual simply won’t do when our very survival is at stake. That’s why we’ve outlined ambitious and necessary goals for a greener New York City as we work to reduce our emissions 80 percent by 2050 – and we’re ensuring that building owners have the tools they need to go green through the NYC Retrofit Accelerator. The Retrofit Accelerator will build on the incredibly successful work of the Carbon Challenge and NYC Clean Heat as we continue to push toward a stronger, more sustainable New York City.”

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