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The 3DEA pop up shop is taking over the ground floor of the Eventi Hotel near Herald Square until the end of December, giving customers a taste of what the future holds. To kick off the opening, the shop held a party to show off all the 3D printing possibilities available. The display shelves were stocked with wearable goods like 3D printed shoes, bras, intricate jewelry and purses. Chairs, door knobs and headphones can be printed in virtually any color, while espresso cups and plates can be printed in a ceramic-like material.

While guests sipped on cocktails, a table of 3D printers pumped out elegant vases, and others crowded the Customization Center to design their own printable Christmas tree ornaments. The computers on-site are equipped with design software so visitors can import or create their own designs and then print them in the myriad of colors and materials available at the shop, or choose from a catalog of already designed items. The more adventurous can pick up their own 3D printers from Ultimaker and UP!

Throughout the month, the shop will offer 3D printing classes, Body Scanning, lectures and even special events for children, as well as a retail shop for holiday gifts like no other.

+ 3DEA Pop Up Shop

Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat