Red Hook residents were in for a bit of a hairy surprise this past weekend in the form of a “Trump Hut” placed on the street. The straw hut, which fits four people inside, is clad in 98 hula skirts and shaped to resemble the infamously unattractive hair of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Trump Hut

The brainchild of Douglas Cameron and Tommy Noonan of DCX Advertising, the odd straw structure was built using a wooden frame covered in 98 hula skirts. “I think we bought every hula skirt we could find on,” Noonan said. “A lot of people like to touch it because it’s so flowy.”

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The hut was originally built for a real estate office art show, but Cameron and Noonan thought that the structure could serve another purpose as a “wigwam protesting hut” and decided to plop it down in Red Hook. Although certainly an eye-catching piece of odd art, the hut actually fits four chairs and a rug, and was even outfitted with some champagne and cupcakes to give it a Trump-style “luxury appeal”.

Unfortunately, the politically-minded pranksters have already moved the hut into storage. However, the team is working on a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to build more. The idea behind the campaign is to place Trump Huts throughout the country, specifically on the Mexican border, in Zuccotti Park and maybe even at one of Trump’s elite golf courses.

Although the hair hut project is a bit tongue-in-cheek, the team behind it says that they want to use the idea to create dialogue around what has been an extremely polarizing presidential race so far. “It kind of brings people together,” Noonan said, “rather than tearing them apart.”


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Images via Tommy Noonan Instagram