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DomeStar is a 16-foot, two-frequency icosahedron decked out in 6,400 individually-addressable RGB LEDs. The LEDs are spread out over 40 strips of 5 meters each, and each RGB LED is individually-controllable via a series of LPD8806 shift registers built into the strips. The dome itself is made out of two sizes of PVC pipe.

The beauty of DomeStar is its versatility. When we first stumbled upon it in The New York Hall of Science‘s Great Hall, it was popping off a rapid sequence of colors similar to what you might find at a rave. But then, in a matter of seconds, the light patterns shifted into a serene series of whites, blues and purples that would be lovely for a wedding gazebo. Because the LED colors can be mixed and matched using controller boards designed by Max Henstell and firmware designed by Matt Mets, the dome can display a plethora of striking patterns perfect for getting people into a dancing mood.

+ NYC Resistor