New York golf enthusiasts now have a new place to putt – the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in the Bronx. Run by Donald Trump’s company but overseen by the NYC’s Parks Department, the luxury course with killer Manhattan views was built atop a former landfill. But unlike some of the city’s other courses, The Donald’s greens come with a trumped up price tag, charging golfers nearly three times the typical admission.

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The sprawling eighteen-hole golf course is the first to open in the five boroughs since 1964, taking up residence over a landfill that was closed in 1963. Unfortunately, the former dump ended up causing many issues during the golf course’s construction, including the presence of toxic substances in the soil. Initially a city project partnered with Ferry Point Partners, the golf course’s costs went wildly over budget. In order to finance its completion, the city had to find another developer, eventually agreeing upon The Trump Organization, who took over the reigns in 2010.

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Although Trump Golf Links commands triple the golfing fees that other greens do ($169 for city residents and $215 for nonresidents on the weekends), it has already built up a lengthy reservations list. Aside from eighteen hilly holes, golfers also get beautifully hazy views of the Manhattan skyline, as well as state-of-the-art electric golf carts that can keep golfers on track with built-in GPS technology. Trump plans to build $10 million clubhouse in hopes to lure a major golf championship to the area in the future.

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Via NY Times