If you’ve always wanted a living room overlooking Central Park, make sure you don’t miss artist Tatzu Nishi and the New York Public Art Fund‘s soon-to-be-unveiled exhibition, “Discovering Columbus.” The awesome project will give people a chance to get a truly up-close and personal look at the man at the center of Columbus Circle, Christopher Columbus himself, by climbing up to a 6-story-high living room built around the enormous statue. The pop-up room will be fully furnished with couches, lamps and coffee tables, and is expected to open in mid-September.

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Surprisingly, this is not Nishi’s first temporary living space built around a statue. In 2005, his Queen Victoria in Liverpool, England was the centerpiece of an actual functioning hotel. This is also not the Public Art Fund’s first exhibition delving right into the center of one of New York’s largest hubs – they took over Times Square in the past, and who could forget the Gates in Central Park. While both parties are quite experienced, the exhibition, expected to open September 20th, is still subject to a number of pending approvals from city officials concerning safety, traffic, visitors, timing, and the well-being of the statue itself. When the exhibition closes in November, restoration teams will use the living room as a cozy workspace while giving the 120-year-old Columbus a proper facelift.

+ Tatzu Nishi

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via New York Times