This fall, New Yorkers will have a rare opportunity to see the third section of the High Line as it is – before it gets redeveloped into a lush park. Friends of the High Line will open the future third section to lucky visitors for two weekends in October, so don’t miss your chance to see the space in its natural state! Read on for details on how to get tickets.

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The soon-to-be landscaped stretch of the High Line will occupy the tracks around the West Side Rail Yards. Spanning a half mile, the plot stretches from 30th to 34th streets to the north and south and from 10th to 12th Avenues east and west. Plants, weeds and wildflowers still grow over the tracks, which will soon be replaced by smooth concrete and carefully manicured gardens.

Friends of the High Line will be running tours through the still untouched part of the High Line to see the effects of man versus nature in the post-industrial zone. The park gave sneak previews of undeveloped sections back in 2009, but this year will offer even more tours, with support from UNIQLO. Twice as many tours will be offered this time, and each visitor will receive a free UNIQLO shirt after the tour!

The sneak previews will run from 12pm to 4pm on October 6 and 7, and tickets will be $5 through Open House New York. Tickets for October 12th and 13th will be free and available through the High Line’s website. Tickets for both go on sale September 27th and  space is limited, so make sure to sign up early!

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