Have you ever thought about farming on your lunch hour? UrbanSpace, the company behind the Mad. Sq. Eats festival and Dekalb Market, has, and they’re giving renters at their new space a chance to cultivate their own garden plots right on the roof! The development firm recently converted a penthouse on Fifth Avenue into twenty small offices, and each comes with its own urban farm space to grow veggies, fruits and other hyper-local eats.

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Sure, you could get fresh veggies just two blocks away at the Union Square Greenmarket, but imagine just picking your own (for free) before you leave from work? The experiment, dreamed up by Eldon Scott of UrbanSpace, re-appropriated the penthouse’s space into 20 offices, all which face the private rooftop oasis. Scott hopes that this proximity to greenery, and access to a private farm, will foster creativity and productivity amongst the small businesses who will be tenants.

Starting in March the offices, which are divided into spaces ranging from $550 to $4,400 a month, will be encouraged to plant their own crops outside. From flowers to pumpkins, the plants will be housed in simple planters. UrbanSpace has even proposed a rooftop beehive to yield their own honey.

Living in a city like New York creates a disconnect between man and the land, so the idea behind the workable rooftop farm is to awaken skills that go unused with urban dwellers, in effect inspiring other senses and ideas. The new penthouse at UrbanSpaces offers an exciting new way to work – around your own personal CSA. Who wouldn’t want to take their lunch break in their own vegetable garden?

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