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A new watering hole called the Molecule Cafe has opened up in New York’s East Village, and it serves only one thing – NYC tap water. Considering that the cafe gets the water for free, filters it and then sells for $2.50 a bottle, you might feel like you’re being swindled but the owners say that their water has added benefits worth splurging on. Called ‘Water 2.0’, the special H2O is purified of chlorine, fluoride and compound metals with the help of an 8-foot, seven-step, $25,000 machine that incorporates ozone treatments, ultraviolet rays, and reverse osmosis.

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Speaking to, Molecule Cafe co-owner Adam Ruhf explained: “It’s about treating water a little more consciously, mindfully and respectfully. This is like a water store 2.0.” The Molecule Cafe believes that New York City’s current tap water and that the “habit of buying plastic bottles of water is unhealthy and destructive. By filtering our local water down to its original molecule (we) bring you the cleanest water you’ve ever had.”

Customers are also able to fill their own bottles or purchase 3 and 5 gallon jugs of the cafe’s ‘pharmaceutical-grade water’ delivered personally to your home via tricycle. The cafe also sells natural vitamins, minerals and plant-derived supplements to add to your pure water.

If you’re drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of water, you may be disturbed to read that the latest reports show that New York’s tap water contains a variety of dangerous chemicals, including Chloropicrin, Trihalomethane, Dalapon and Isophorone, all of which are extremely toxic. Meanwhile BPA, which is a chemical found in most plastic bottles, has been shown to have very harmful effects, including infertility, cardiovascular disease, and brain tumors.

Then there is the side-effect of plastic waste, which if you’ve read our articles on the Great Pacific Garbage Patches, you’ll know is a major problem. And that’s not even mentioning the 30 million barrels of oil that are consumed and 4 billion pounds of plastic that are dumped in landfills because of bottled water.

Considering that, $2.50 for a bottle of filtered tap water almost sounds like a bargain!

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