One of New York City’s most esteemed restaurants, Eleven Madison Park, is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “dinner and a show”. Scrapping their award-winning menu for a new one that pays tribute to NYC, they will now serve food from area artisans and New York farms with all the flair of a Broadway spectacle. From an inventive Carrot Tartare (pictured above) featuring glistening Hudson Valley carrots mixed tableside, to an actual picnic basket chock full of local cheeses and beers, read on to learn what other types of culinary delights you can expect to see on the revamped menu.

Eleven Madison Park‘s $195 tasting menu will be the restaurant’s only dining option, and feature locally-sourced NY delicacies such as raw oysters, sea salt, apple brandy, cheese from Murray’s Cheese Shop and a specially brewed Ithaca Beer with a label created by Milton Glaser, the original designer of the “I ♥ NY” logo. The coasters, the handmade picnic baskets, and the ceramic bowls used will also be designed and created by local New York artists.

The foods will also be presented in entertaining fashion, turning the dining room into an evening of participatory theater. Each meal will include a glass dome full of smoke, a blast of sea mist from a tabletop clambake, a cheese course that emerges from a picnic basket, and a card trick with the dessert course.

Yesterday, some readers of the restaurant’s bold news seemed to think taking such a large step into the theatrical realm of food presentation may be too gimmicky and could possibly compromise the restaurant’s elegant reputation. Still, we’d like to think the attention paid to fresh and local delicacies will steal the show.

+ Eleven Madison Park