When the Empire State Building got an LED makeover a few months ago, we were excited for its increased energy efficiency, but we had no idea what creative possibilities the new bulbs could bring! Last night, New Yorkers (and some Jersey-ites) were treated to the building’s first ever LED light show – set to the tune of Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire.” The new rainbow lights can now be programmed to dazzle in-sync to music, making the already iconic building the tallest art installation in New York. Check the video after the jump.

The LED makeover, made possible by Philips Lighting America, replaced 546 flood lights with 1200 LED fixtures. The old floodlights could change colors thanks to gels, but the LED system has the ability to shine in 16 million different colors at the flick of a switch! Now, the LED light show possibilities are endless.

For the light show kick off, the Empire State Building partnered with Clear Channel radio partners, who broadcast the music as it was synced with the Lite Brite-like light show. Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” played first and then led into “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z, a fitting anthem for the show’s debut.

The Empire State Building’s lights have famously represented charities, holidays and tributes over the years, and now the new LED technology makes an incredible New York icon even more exciting. It looks like Ms. Keys agreed, because she came down to the building to switch on the new LED lights herself!

Via Gothamist