You’ve probably seen heatmaps showing your area’s real estate prices, but they often don’t show the whole picture. Hoping to tell a more comprehensive story about average home prices in NYC, real estate developer Constantine Valhouli teamed up with architectural designer Cat Callaghan to come up with a detailed illustration – sort of a bar chart overlaid upon a city map – showing the city’s 325 neighborhoods extruded based on sales price per square foot. The resulting images demonstrate how areas within the same boroughs (and often right next to one another) are composed of incredibly different sub-markets, and even point out pockets of value that exist within close distance to Manhattan. For example, Jersey City apartments go for about $400/sq.ft despite being about a 10-minute commute whereas comparably priced neighborhoods in upper Manhattan, northwest Queens, or emerging parts of Brooklyn can be up to 35 minutes away.

+ Constantine Valhouli