More than a week has passed since Hurricane Sandy hit, and thousands of residents across New York and New Jersey are still without water, power and even shelter. Using tech and social media, a group of entrepreneurs, innovators and designers have joined forces to create SandyBaggers, a grassroots group formed to help in distributing aid to victims who are still suffering post-Sandy. So far they have built relationships with on-the-ground effective community organizers that need good, smart, people to do things from shovel sand, to make and deliver food, to even just give people hugs. “We are truly grassroots and do not claim to be experts, but we have successfully created a community of smart, hip and talented people looking to make positive change,” SandyBagger’s co-founder Divya Kapasi, told VentureBeat. “We are starting with Sandy Relief, but the possibilities are endless as we start to organically grow.” If you are in New York and are looking for a way to lend a hand, get started with SandyBaggers — many relief efforts are currently underway and many more will be launched soon. The group has attracted over 900 people thus far. Check them out here on Facebook.

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