World-renowned French lighting artist Thierry Dreyfus has been selected to illuminate a new public space at West 52nd Street’s unique 6 1/2 Avenue passageway. Dreyfus has already completed work on a sparkling light installation at the 135 West 52nd Street condominium tower and will now continue to leave his brilliant mark on the building’s adjacent pedestrian “galleria”. The massive contemporary art installation will include dramatic copper sculptures lit up by LEDs.

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Dreyfus, who has painted international icons such as the Palace of Versailles and the Cathedral of Notre Dame in light, will now attempt to thrill New Yorkers with his sophisticated LED artwork. Continuing his work on the 135 West 52nd Street condominium, the artist will begin to implement his lighting magic on the “Galleria”, an adjacent pedestrian area.

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A collaboration with landscape architects M. Paul Friedberg & Partners, the Galleria will make up part of the so-called “6 1/2 Avenue,” a quarter-mile corridor of public pedestrian plazas that runs between 51st and 57th Streets. At the hands of Friedberg & Partners, the area will be designed to be an inviting “urban sanctuary” complete with living green walls, a waterfall, public seating areas and much more.

The project is expected to be completed next year.

+ Thierry Dreyfus

+ M. Paul Friedberg & Partners