Queens is so popular these days that even the local wildlife is putting down roots. According to the NY Daily News, a coyote family of eight has been spotted scampering about in their den near LaGuardia Airport and the Rikers Island bridge.

Coyote pup

LaGuardia employees and Riker Island Department of Correction staffers who park near the bridge say they’ve seen the coyote brood of three adults and five pups playing and hunting for food in their remote den area located in the shadow of the airport.

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Although this is far from the first time lone coyotes have been seen in the city, experts believe this mating couple may be the first to establish a den outside of the Bronx. Frank Vincente of the Wild Dog Foundation, says that locals shouldn’t be overly concerned about the furry family. “New York City is a wildlife habitat,” said Vincente, who has been monitoring the Queens coyote family since June. “New York has a lot to offer in terms of food and isolated spaces. And this is a very isolated area.”

Vincente hopes that people will leave the family alone since they are not considered dangerous. “These animals have shown extreme tolerance,” he said. “There’s no reason to get rid of them.”

Via NY Daily News

Images via John Harrison and Bob and Moose