A new kind of affordable housing is set to be built on the site of a city-owned municipal parking lot in Flushing, Queens. According to Curbed, the design of the future Flushing One development will be more sustainable than most current affordable housing designs. The 208 energy-efficient units in the new complex will also be feng shui-oriented and include numerous sustainable features such as solar power and a rooftop farm.

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Helmed by Bernheimer Architecture and Brooklyn-based Monadnock Development, the new complex will feature solar panels, a rooftop farm and community space. Out of the 208 units, 148 will be available to families of various income levels and 60 units will be reserved for senior citizens. The complex will also have ground-floor retail along with community space with events organized by the nonprofits Asian Americans for Equality and HANAC, who are also co-developing the project.

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Flushing One is part of a larger goal established by Mayor De Blasio to build housing developments on vacant or underutilized public property. In fact, the Flushing One property is one of the first projects in the mayor’s citywide plan to create and preserve 200,000 units of affordable housing in NYC.

If all goes as planned, more of the Flushing area will be rehabilitated at the hands of the Flushing Willets Corona Local Development Corporation, who would like to rezone and rehabilitate 60 acres of Flushing waterfront with affordable housing and commercial space.

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Via NY Curbed