This week famed filmmaker and long-time Brooklyn resident Spike Lee voiced his support of Mayor Bloomberg’s highly controversial proposal to limit the size of sodas and other sugary beverages sold throughout the city. “I’m in favor of [the soda ban],” Lee said. “Look, when I was growing up in Brooklyn, we had no gym, and you had to run. You had some physical activity. Children today in public schools across the country are not being taught art, are not being taught music and they have no physical ed. Obesity is a major, major problem in this country. Americans — we’re just obese.” Clearly Lee is hoping that NYC will “Do The Right Thing,” and limit large sizes of sodas and other unhealthy drinks, but do you agree?

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“It’s crazy,” Lee continued. “Ask African-Americans. We are way over index on obesity, which means we are over index on diabetes, heart disease, and it goes down the line.”

It looks like Lee isn’t the only one supporting the drink ban. Online endorsements posted to the Health Department’s site continue to pour in from other high profile anti-obesity advocates including celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation.

The New York City Board Of Health will decide on the soda ban after a public hearing on July 24.

Photos © Wikimedia Commons, David Shankbone and Russell Bernice