Citi Bike will be getting into the spirit of next week’s Armory Show by showing off 10 art-emblazoned bikes designed by world-renowned artist Xu Zhen. The bike share program teamed up with the annual showcase to commission Zhen to transform the bikes into mobile works of art. Two of the adorned bikes will be on display at the Armory Show, while the other eight will be up for grabs at Citi Bike receptacles nearby – and the lucky riders who find them will be granted free admission to the fair!

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The Armory Show will bring contemporary and modern art to Piers 92 and 94 and several other art fairs around the city from March 6th to 9th. To celebrate the infusion of international arts, the Armory Show chose featured artist Xu Zhen to adorn the city’s beloved blue bikes. Zhen’s piece, “Under Heaven,” will be on display at the fair, but to add a little artsy fun to green transportation, the artist created a work based on the original to wrap the selected Citi Bikes.

“Under Heaven (detail)” will be printed on removable graphic paper, and applied to the ten bikes like a decal. Coupled with Armory Arts signs on the front basket, the bikes will be fitted with Zhen’s beautiful pink textured patterned piece. Sadly, after the fair is over, the artwork will be removed, returning the bicycles to classic Citi Bike blue.

The eight bikes for public use will be dropped off at the West 52nd Street and 11th Avenue Citi Bike dock. To gain free admission to the fair, the first 20 users that score a Xu Zhen bike simply need to post a picture of the bike with the hashtag #ArmoryShow14 on a social media network.

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Via NY Times