Are you a Citi Bike rider sick of fumbling for your phone to look up directions or locate an empty bikeshare dock? If so, interactive agency R/GA Prototype Studio has a solution for you. Their recently released NYCycle is a new Google Glass app that promises to make Citi Bike experiences a lot more seamless and hands-free by allowing users to access on-the-go directions and real-time information with just a simple glance.

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Citi Bike has been a boon to the city so far, but there are pitfalls. The popularity of the service can sometimes make finding an empty dock within the time limits incredibly frustrating, and searching for one on your phone can be distracting when you’re riding. Combining real-time open data with the convenience of Google Glass, NYCycle wants to provide riders with a smoother bikeshare experience.

In addition to on-the-go directions, the app also provides a helpful timer that counts down how much free time is left on the bike. When the timer is nearly up, the app automatically pulls up the nearest station with open slots. For safety reasons, R/GA says that the app should not be used while the user is in motion; users should pause at the side of the road to look up directions, which will stay within sight for the duration of the ride and also provide audio and video cues outside the main field of view.

The app also features other perks, many of which will appeal to tourists. In addition to a curated list of nearby New York landmarks, the NYCycle app will even recommend great places to grab a bite around the city. Following the NYCycle launch, R/GA hopes to roll out versions of the Google Glass app to other cities with bikeshare systems.

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