Today Global Green USA initiated the Red Hook Recreation Center in Brooklyn as the first official community facility to receive a back-up solar system as part of the “Solar For Sandy” resiliency initiative. The plan, originally announced by former President Bill Clinton, aims to bring solar back-up energy systems to more than five community facilities that serve the urban areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy last year. The installation was completed with funding from IKEA and support from the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.

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The announcement today ties in with the one year anniversary of the hurricane, which wrecked a number of historic neighborhoods in the area. Last October, the devastation went on for weeks as the Red Hook Recreation Center and the surrounding neighborhood were left without power.

The newly-installed back-up solar power system will prevent the same thing from happening again in the event of another catastrophic storm or temporary blackout. The idea is that residents can rely on the center as a safe, reliable, and lit haven during crises. At the same time, the new green energy system is tied with the grid, which will help make the building greener and less dependent on electricity coming from the city.

+ Global Green USA

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