Celebrate this upcoming Earth Day at the new First Street Green Park with a bash that also launches their season of programming. Taking over the now vacant lot that hosted the BMW Guggenheim Lab last year, the alley joins NYC’s Department of Parks and Recreation as the newest park in East Village. Join in the festivities on Sunday for a day of music, dance, and cultural readings.

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The alleyway at 33 East 1st Street was once prone to scores of roaming rats and garbage. First Street Green began lobbying to turned the disused space into a community park that would also double as a site for cultural events. With approval from the First Street Block Association, the idea was encouraged but moved at a slow pace.

The presence of BMW Guggenheim Lab helped to accelerate First Street Green’s goal, paving the way for a cultural center, as well as helping to clean up the rat infested alleyway. The BMW Guggenheim Lab also showed the parks Department and the community that cultural programming was not only possible, but a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Now that the Lab is finished, First Street Green can take over, and instill their own cultural and education events. Sunday’s Earth Day bash will welcome a dance performance by Eryn Rosenthal, a public sculpture by Robert Sestok, music by Gary Lucas, and a reading by Rosie Schapp from the New York Times. Guests can also learn more about First Park and their highly anticipated programming for their long awaited first season.

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