In just a few weeks, the Museum of Modern Art’s Donald B. and Catherine C. Marron Atrium will look something like the inside of a honey bee’s dream. Conceptualized by artist Wolfgang Laib, Pollen from Hazelnut will dust the floor of the space with a coating of bright yellow pollen. Laib has been collecting the powdery substance from his hometown in southern Germany since the mid-1990s and is bringing it to New York for this beautifully simple site-specific installation.

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Laib is known for his beautiful art works which incorporate natural and organic materials like milk, rice, beeswax and, of course, pollen. For his MoMA exhibition, the artist will be using the golden pollen of the hazelnut tree. Each summer for almost twenty years, Laib has collected the pollen from the trees and flowers near his home and studio, storing it for future use.

The artist has created pollen installations before, but not on the scale of the upcoming MoMA exhibition. The new installation will stretch 18 by 21 feet, occupying most of the museum atrium.

With only a small sifter as a tool, the artist will spread the powdery pollen across the gallery floor, creating an even layer of bright yellow pigment. But don’t worry allergy sufferers – the pollen won’t lift into the air and blow around; it will remain in place on the ground until the exhibition’s close on March 11th.

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Via Huh Magazine