The Bronx’s sprawling Fordham Hill residential complex is making green news by shifting its systems to combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration – integrated power stations that generate electricity and recover normally wasted heat as useful thermal energy. The fuel source can include natural gas, biogas, biomass or waste heat. The conversion to CHP will save Fordham Hill $10 million.

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As part of the conversion, the main electrical system will be upgraded so the steam produced by the cogeneration process can be reused to heat the building and water. A cooling system will be installed in all 1,200 units and the window air conditioning units will be removed.

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The seven-acre campus was built in 1950 and consists of ten buildings. The property, managed by Argo Real Estate, is located in the University Heights section of the borough and is often referred to as the “Oasis in the Bronx.”

The U.S. Department of Energy lists all of the CHP units located in New York City. They include iconic buildings like The New Yorker Hotel and The New York Times headquarters in Manhattan to nursing homes and multi-family residential complexes in Brooklyn. Now Fordham Hill can be added to the list as well.

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