After escaping certain death by going on the lam a day before his fateful date at the butcher, Freddie the Steer is doing just great at his new home. According to DNAinfo, the bold bovine is settling in nicely with the help of the good people at Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue after his harrowing escape from a Jamaica slaughterhouse last week.

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Shortly after Freddie’s brazen escape attempt made the news, Mike Stura, owner of the 230-acre animal sanctuary in Wantage, New Jersey, arrived at the slaughterhouse to plead for the brave guy’s life. Just hours before he was due to be slaughtered, Stura convinced the slaughterhouse owners to free Freddie so he could spend the rest of his days grazing on greener pastures at the animal sanctuary.

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Freddie, named after the famous Queen frontman, arrived at his new home last Friday, where he is doing well. “The first day he was anxious to be here, but every day he is getting more and more calm and now he walks into the barn with me without real coaxing,” said Stura.

Via DNAinfo

Images via Skylands Animal Sanctuary Facebook