London’s Frieze Art Fair will be making its first presence State-side May 4-7, 2012 in New York City, bringing galleries from around the world to the area for a weekend. Like the British Fair, the New York edition will take place in an innovative temporary pavilion, sponsored by Deutsche Bank. Designed by SO-IL architects, the pavilion will snake along the East River shoreline of Randall’s Island.

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Frieze chose the strategic location of Randall’s Island for its proximity to the East River, and its unique island setting. The sleek pavilion juxtaposed against the New York skyline will give visitors a visual treat even before entering the artwork exhibitions.

Wanting to break out beyond the traditional art fair tent shape, SO-IL designed the structure using “pie” shapes. These wedges were inserted in various points throughout the length of the pavilion, giving it its meandering, snaking shape which seems to hug the shoreline. Visitors are welcomed in a partially covered entryway. Strips of vinyl material cover the entrance in large stripes, filtering in sunlight, while also providing shade and protection should it rain.

Inside, the pavilion is open, airy and light. Partially translucent material difuses light in from all around, enlivening the interior. Minimalist white circles will function as benches and meeting areas for visitors, without upstaging the world class art inside.

Frieze is world renowned for showcasing the world’s finest artists and galleries. Each year, the fair partners with a leading architectural firm to design each temporary pavilion. This year they chose New York based SO-IL architects to commemorate their first fair in the United States.

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