Daily commuters passing through Grand Central Station are used to the hum of the morning trains, but there was an extra bit of buzz this week thanks to a 4,000-strong bee swarm nearby. According to NY1, the NYPD was dispatched to 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue on Monday to extricate an army of bees that had made a home on a light post near the station.

NYPD Con Edison Bees

Once the bees were spotted, the NYPD’s beekeeping unit used a ladder and generator to control and remove the bees. Although 4,000 sounds like an awful lot of stingers, the Grand Central swarm was actually small in size considering that an average swarm can reach up to 20,000 bees.

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This is not the first time a bee colony has been captured in NYC. In fact, it’s becoming quite common to find hives all around the city, especially in summertime. According to NYPD Bees, a 20,000 bee swarm was recently captured at the Con Edison plant in lower Manhattan in early June.

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Images via NYPD Bees Twitter